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The quality of your music is important.  Regardless if people are listening on laptop speakers or audiophile stereos, one fact remains - true classic records sound incredible.  Album budgets are shrinking nowadays, which makes experienced, reliable, and quality engineering vital.  You don't have time or money to do it twice.

As a professional audio engineer for over ten years, Willie Green has a discography over 100 releases deep, including platinum selling and Grammy winning artists.  As a freelance engineer and owner of "The Greenhouse" recording studio located in Brooklyn, New York, Green provides recording, mixing and mastering services using a combination of the finest tools and years of professional experience.

Having worked at every level from the smallest bedroom studios to the largest Manhattan recording complexes, Willie has gathered experience that cannot be replicated - there is no replacement for great seasoned ears.

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Previous clients have said:

"The only other engineer I fully trust to mix down my music" - Uncommon Nasa
"Willie Green is the best engineer I have ever worked with because he brings much more to the table than just the ability to track vocals. His experience, insight and guidance have been invaluable in helping me make the music I want to make" - billy woods
"I have 100% trust in Willie Green as an engineer. He has a way of making me feel comfortable in the studio, getting the best possible sound out of me and I feel confident leaving the studio knowing that the final product will sound better than with any other engineer I've worked with" - Corina Corina