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Willie Green - Doc Savage


Writing for SonicScoop

I recently started writing for the great studio magazine SonicScoop!  check out my first article - 3 Tips for Mixing Samples and stay tuned for much more!



Sonic Scoop Interview

I'm honored to be mentioned alongside names like Frank Filipetti and Nadim Issa in this great article from Sonic Scoop, check it out!  Many thanks to Zach McNees and David Weiss!



Fall Tour

Starting October 8th, I will be touring the Mountain and Midwest states with PremRock and Chuckie Campbell as part of Prem's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Tour."  I'll be performing the brand new Rebel Queen as well as any and all songs from my discography.  Come check me out as I stake my claim for hip-hop's undisputed Drum Champ.


Rebel Queen!

In the same vein as 2009’s “...Of Heroes and Villains,” “Rebel Queen” tells a story through beats and samples; this time a rebel leader’s struggle against a tyrant. “Rebel Queen” is the first in a series of instrumental projects leading up to my upcoming full length “Doc Savage” due in 2015 via Backwoodz Studioz.



A Suite for Souled People Lyrics



Funeral (written by Elucid): 

The world’s most dangerous 
Nature of the threat 
Fear painted us 
Shades of scarlet 
Smear campaigns 
On marked targets 
Even unarmed 
We spar with marksmen 
Arms too short to choke out pale devils 
Makeshift rookie rebels 
Versus military surplus reserve grade weapons 
Save for reference 
The message 
The pigs response we saw in Ferguson is a look into the future of policing in America at large 
The ghetto’s been an experiment 
Abuse of power comes as no surprise 
Reinforcing the divide 
As the gap widens 
Know your place or face extreme violence 
Your right to remain silent been suspended 
Sparked the offensive 
Groundswell as the phalanx inches 
Facing opposite the winds 
Tear gas dispenses 
Returned vollies 
Black bodies trigger hidden bias 
Rounds flying distant siren 
Homegoing kiss the gates of Zion


Mourning (written by Curly Castro):

Recreate the phalanx, spears at that angle 
This fight is for our lives & Zulu is the failsafe 
Blood spilled all over ribbons star spangled 
You’d think we were the Wendigo, how white men never feel safe 
Police were always tasked: go and round up all the freed slaves 
Never free at last, have us searching for the real tapes 
Grew up Brooklyn ‘88 
Perpetual police state 
They walked the beat, whistled Dixie 
Pointed nightsticks in our face 
Taught that chokehold, ran amuck 
Then deemed it all illegal? Wait? 
I hear another Black body falling 
Black star extinguished before he found his calling 
Cuffed up in the backseat, hands behind the Black 
But yet and still we shoot ourselves?!? 
What kind of sense is that?? 
Dutton said the hunt was on, the prey- the Men in Black 
Rebel’s the only option, all the passive hit the back. 
And all my Rebel Massive, green and red and then the Black 
The tide is soon to turn, a flood of Forty Nights in fact 
Feeling lucky test the theory, kill another boy that’s Black 
And you’ll have this Boom Bap Zulu 
Out the trees like Ceasar’s Back!! 
It’s the rebirth of the dawn of the fear of the Planet Black! 
It’s the rebirth of the dawn of the fear of the Planet Black! 

But every nigga on my block 
Can’t stop, and he won’t stop, and he don’t stop (repeat 7X)


Revival (written by billy woods):

tell my son like this 
Don’t admit to shit but Don’t resist 
Don’t flinch when you get gripped up metal bites the wrist 
Don’t talk about rights 
or what’s right 
or what would happen if you were white 
even if they whip your ass Don’t fight 
Don’t laugh 
or get tight 
might jump out the shadows middle of the night 
but it’s on you Boy to keep those hands in plain sight 
Don’t touch your belt 
reach for your wallet 
or happen to be holding your cell 
normal speech is a yell yelling is a reach for the gun 
silence an admission of guilt 
Don’t try to walk away 
if you’re running then run! 
if you’re smart play dumb 
Don’t get caught in the slums or a nice neighborhood you aint from 
if you need help Don’t call 911 
Can’t Truss It