You have everything in your head, now let’s get it out into the world. This starts with a great recording, and at The Green House Recording Company, we will make sure your music is at the best quality level to share, and leave it sounding great!




The final step to post-production. With my mastering services, your work will be individually polished and ready to share with your fans. Book an appointment now!


Q:  What do I get when I hire you for a mix?

A:  You will receive a mastering ready .wav file of your approved mix - typically at 24 bit/44.1 kHz, but other bit depths and sample rates are available upon request.  You will also receive alternate versions of your mix:  A Capella, Instrumental, TV, Clean, etc. 


Q:  What do I need to send you for mixing?

A:  Because of all the various software platforms, the preferred method is a .zip file of individual .wav files all bounced from the top of the song.  That will ensure that all the parts are lined up correctly and the arrangement plays back as you intend.  ProTools and Cubase users can send session files, but please contact ahead of time for compatibility concerns.  A rough mix of the song is also highly recommended!


Q:  What do I need to send you for mastering?

A:  If you mixed elsewhere and only need mastering, you'll need to send all the stereo mixes of each song.  Mastering of all alternate versions is included in the rate. (Remixes are not considered alternate versions. Since they consist of significantly different audio, they need to be mastered as an entirely different song)  If you would like to master from stems, it is an additional charge.


Q:  What do I get for my mastering dollars?

A:  You will receive WAV files at your choice of up to 32 Bit/48 kHz, or a DDP file upon request, as well as 320 kb MP3's. Generally we provide 24 Bit 44.1 kHz. For vinyl we provide 24/44.1 files as well, 1 per side. Be sure to mention if you're planning on vinyl in advance.


Q:  How do I get beats from Willie Green?

A:  Well, if you're in the New York City area, come through!  The Greenhouse is located in East New York, Brooklyn, near Broadway Junction.  If you're not in NY, send some links to your music, and you'll get a custom selected folder of options, or you even arrange a Skype listening session.


Q:  If I buy a beat, do I get the multi-tracks?

A:  Absolutely. Whenever you buy a beat, you should receive a 2-track version to write to, and the multi-tracks for proper mixing.


Q:  Do you lease beats?

A:  Never. If you purchase a beat, it is yours and only yours.  If it has previously appeared on a beat tape, you'll be informed before buying, but you will never buy a track that another artist has released.



From quality recordings to making the overall sound what you want, we can do that! With The GreenHouse, we provide excellent quality sounding mixes and add our own special touch to get closer to the sound you want to share.



In need of another collaborator or help in your creative process to your next single, EP, or even album? The GreenHouse Recording Company can help! Contact us for more info.